Panja - The Drinking Game (English version)

A game of standard cards: out of date. How you get through those boring hours with friends and drinks is a good question. And PANJA is the only correct answer!

PANJA - THE DRINKING GAME - just Panja for you and your friends - you play anytime, anywhere, as long as you are in good company and feel like paying a visit to the bottle bank tomorrow.

Panja is all about the game cards. They give you - and your friends - the most hilarious assignments where you should not be afraid of public exposure, because even your social media is used as a weapon. Prepare to learn awkward facts about your friends - and them about you. But… what does that have to do with drinking? Pay attention: if you have completed the assignment correctly, your reward will be paid in sips. So drink. Just make sure you have it available.

Of course you can just drink whatever you feel like. Maybe tomato juice on the rocks will trigger the winner in you in a spectacular way. Or not, but you will laugh your pants to shreds. Play and win (or die gloriously) your way.

Psst… are you suddenly so thirsty?

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